I` ll Be Home For Christmas I` ll be there I` ll Tell The World I` m A Man I` m A Man live I` m Crazy `Bout You Baby - S. Terry & B. McGhee I` Te Vurria Vasa!... I`am A Fool I`am A Good Ol`rebel I`Am Gonna Bea Wheel Someday I`am Gonna Love You Thru The Night i`am not I`am not friendly, IŽam just kidding - strange interview part fi I`Am Ready i`am repping it I`am Rolling I`am walking / Antoine Fats Domino I`Am Walkin` I`CANT QUIT YOU BABE I`CANT QUIT YOU BABY I`d be a legend in time I`d Be Far Better Without You I`d Be Lyin` I`d Climb the Highest Mountain(Vaughn) I`d die for you I`d Die Without You - P.M. Dawn I`d Do Anything I`d Do Anything For Love Meatloaf I`d Do Anything For Love (But I Won`t Do That) (live Melbourne 2 I`d Do Anything For Love (But I Won`t Do That) (live; USA, ... I`d Do Anything For Love - MEAT LOAF I`d give my life for You I`d Give My Life For You(Miss Saigon) I`d Give You My Life I`d Have You Anytime I`d Lie For You (And That`s The Truth) (live; USA, New York, ... I`d Lie To You for Your Love I`d Like (Live At Guild Theatre, East London) I`d like to be free I`d like to hate myself in the morning(and raise a little hell t I`d like to hitch a ride with santa claus I`d Like To Know I`d like to see I`d like to see jesus on the midnigt special I`d like to teach the world to sing I`d Like To Teach The World To Sing - New Seekers I`d Like To Teach The World To Sing_The New Seekers I`d Love It I`d Love To Be A Hippie I`d Love To Change The World I`d love to make love to you I`d Love You I`d Love You To Want Me I`d Love you to want me (1973) I`D LOVE YOU TO WANT ME / LOBO I`d love you to want me [Lobo] i`d Love you to Want Me/Lobo I`d love you to want me_Foxtrott I`d much rather be with the boys i`d never find another you I`d Never Find Another You - Billy Fury I`d Never Have Bothered I`d Rather Be A Man I`d rather be alone I`d rather be in love I`d Rather Be Lost i`d rather be rich than famous I`d Rather Be Safe Than Sorry I`d Rather Be The Devil I`d rather be you I`d rather be your lover I`d Rather Charleston I`d Rather Die Young I`d Rather Go Blind I`d Rather Go Blind ( Extended Cut ) I`d rather go blind, crippled and crazy I`d Rather Leave While I`m in Love I`d Rather Leave While I`m in Love (Allan, Sager) I`d RatherSleep Alone I`d Still Be Sleeping I`d Swear There Was Somebody Here I`d wait for love I`d want it to be you I`dont know I`histoire rose I`ho Comprata...... I`Homme-Pierre I`II See You...(feat.Coolio & Xose) I`II Sleep When I`m Dead I`l est trop tard I`l Silenzio, I`ll Be Over You I`ll Always Be In Love I`ll Always Be In Love With You ( 1951 Version ) I`ll Always Be In Love With You ( 1956 Version ) I`ll always be right there I`ll always be with you I`ll always be your man I`ll Always Call Your Name I`ll Always love you