Yakety Yak

Whose song is Yakety Yak?

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Artist Album
Rangers - Plavci
On the Country Road
Ray Stevens
Face The Music - The Complete Monument Singles
The Collection
The Collection (CD 1)
The Incredible World of Ray Stevens Vol I
Readers Digest
rebeldes del rock
15 exitos
Ricky & The Rocket And Sweet Power
Hooked On Rock 'N' Roll
Hooked On The Rockets
Ricky & The Rockets
Rock'n'Roll Disco
Roger e Grande Banda
A Fabulosa Orquestra de Rock'n'Roll
Root Bootleg
Rubber Biscuits and Rama Lama Ding Dongs
Doo-Wop for Kids!
Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker
Das ist 'ne Party
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
Best Of Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
The Complete Wooly Bully Years - CD 3
Sam The Sham & The Pharaons
The Best Of Sam The Sham & The Pharaons
Sandy Nelson
Drums A Go-Go
Golden Hits / The Best of the Beats
Golden Hits'/'The Best of the Beats
Rock 'n' Rock Drum Beat
Rock 'n' Roll Drum Beat
The Very Best Of
Live At Woodstock
Sha Na Na
Grease for Peace: The Best of Sha Na Na
Rock & Roll Is Here to Stay! / Sha Na Na
Rock 'n' Roll Is Here to Stay
Rock N' Roll Is Here To Stay
Sha Na Na
The Best...
The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll
The Golden Age Of Rock N' Roll
The Best Of Sha-na-na
The Great Rockers Of Sha-Na-Na
Sha-Na-Na (AKA Eddie & The Evergreens, AKA The Dirty Dozen, Colu
Rock 'N' Roll Is Here To Stay
Shakin Stevens & the Sunsets
how to...
Shakin' Stevens
Rockin' & Shakin'
Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets
Rockin' & Shakin' [1972] / I'm No J.D. [1971]
Shakin' Stevens and the Sunsets
Rockin' & Shakin'
Volume 1
Small Town Pimps
Red Light Classics - Form the Albuns Pimplyfied, For a few Hooke
St. Michael's Choir
Warrior Choir 1999
Stevens (Ray)
The Collection (Disc 1)
Suger Fix
A Rock n' Roll Inheritance
the 2 live crew
Goes To The Movies
The Beatles
Let It Be Sessions
The Black Album - Disc 1
The Byrds
Greatest Hits
The Coasters
16 Greatest Hits
36 All-Time Greatest Hits Disc 2
50 Coastin' Classics
50 Coastin' Classics (Disc 1)
50 Coastin' Classics, Disc 1
All Our Best
All Time Greatest Hits
Fifty Coastin' Classics, Disc 1
girls, girls, girls part 2
Golden Hits
Greatest Hits
Hall Of Fame Greatest Hits 2003
Poison Ivy
Side by Side: The Drifters and The Coasters
Singles A's And B's 1955-1959
Studio Sessions & Outtakes
The Coasters
the coasters
the coasters (1957) greatest hits (1959) singles 1955 & 1957
The Coasters
The Coasters 20 Greatest Hits
The Coasters Greatest Hits
The Coasters On ATCO (Disc 2)
The Coasters on ATCO (Disc 4)
The Coasters' Greatest Hits
The Coasters, Golden Hits
The Definitive Coasters (Disc 1) - A Sides & Hits
The Golden Greats
The Greatest Hits
The Ultimate Coasters
The Very Best of
The Very Best Of The Coasters
Yakety Yak
Yakety Yak . Best Of The Coasters
Yakety Yak / Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
Yakety Yak: The Golden Greats of the Coasters
The Coasters -
_The Coasters - The Early Years
the drapers
we no speak americano
The Drifters
Side by Side: The Drifters and The Coasters
The Fourmost
First and Fourmost
The best Of The EMI Years
The Best Of The Fourmost
The Hollywood Argyles
Alley Oop: The Very Best Of
The Hollywood Argyles
The Lazy Cowgirls
Tapping The Source
The Neighbor Kids
The Neighbor Kids
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