Whose song is Madeline?

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Artist Album
Saint Etienne
Fairfax High (Good Humor Bonus Disc)
Good Humor
Sam Whedon with Grim Orchestra
17 Songs
A Dark Moon Night
Shroud, The
A Dark Moon Night
Sigmund Snopek III
Bloomsbury People
Slow Loris
Routine Glow
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
The High Country
the end of vacation
Live April 4 1997
Suspicious Delicious
The Stars Will Fall
Tanner Walle
It Was
Terry Klein
Great Northern
The Bushels
The Bushels
The Cahoots
Bayou Rhythms
The Cardinals
Bedhead 5 - "What Will Happen Next"
The Clarks
Love Gone Sour Suspicion And Bad Debt
The Durutti Column
Lips that would Kiss/Madeline
The Irish Descendants
Rollin' Home
The Keepers
Bannerman Park
The Phonies
The Phonies
The Shackeltons
The Shackeltons
The Shroud
A Dark Moon Night
The Static Age
the cost of living
The Triffids
Grandson Of Dungeon Tape
Love In Bright Landscapes
Treeless plain
The Zydeco Flames
Burnin' Up The Tracks
Tickle Me Pink
Tony MacAlpine Bunny Brunel Dennis Chambers Brian Auger
Cab 2
Tony MacAlpine, Bunny Brunel, Dennis Chambers & Brian Auger
Tudor Lodge
Tudor Lodge
Ukulele Jim
Ukulele Jim's Authentic Down Home Marital Aid
The Black Dahlia
Various Artists
Compe Noctem
Japan Nite Sound Sampler 2002
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, February 2009
Stepping Stone, Volume 1
The Rough Guide to Zydeco
Tronador Australian Surf, Volume 2
Ultimate Cajun
Zydeco Dance Hall
Weber Brothers
149 Lake Street
Western Fifth
Stand Like a Thief
Wizard Entertainment
T.V. Themes For Kids
Yo La Tengo
1999-12-15: Aligre Radio, Paris, France
2001-12-10: Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, USA
aligre radio, paris 12/dec/99
And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
They Shoot, We Score
Yoni and Geti
Zachary Richard
Best of Zachary Richard
Looking Back
Silver Jubilee: The Best Of
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